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Support Small Business This Holiday Season

2020 has definitely been a rough year for so many people including small businesses here in the United States and around the world. As we all begin our holiday shopping, we should consider making purchases from small local businesses who could really use our support to keep their businesses going strong as they head into 2021. We thought we would offer a few suggestions for products from small businesses that are friends of ours. Not only do they offer some amazing products but they are part of the pulse of their respective communities. Click on any photo below to be taken to the business's website.


You know we Aubrey and her small business Redbudsuds based in western Ohio. Aubrey and her team make the most amazing 4-1 shower bars that we have ever found. The 4-1 bars can be used as a soap, shampoo, conditioner and shave cream. Utilizing their unique shoofah, the bars create an awesome lather. This environmentally friendly business not only makes products good for you and the environment but they also are socially responsible by giving back financially to worthy causes. And now for the holidays, they are offer customers a discount so that you can purchase for all of your friends and family.

Baird Farm

Who doesn't like a sweet gift for the holidays? Baird Farms located outside of Chittenden, Vermont is a 5th generator Maple Syrup Farm. Jacob and Jenn oversee the day to day operations of this quaint family business. Their maple syrup is produced from the acres and acres of maple trees that they tap each year. And even more impressive is the fact their maple syrup is organic giving us what we believe is the most amazing maple syrup in the world. In addition to their maple syrups, they also offer other maple related products and even have gift buckets (yes...I said bucket as in tap buckets) that make a perfect gift.

Grinders Switch Winery

Wine always makes a perfect gift anytime of the year! Our friends at Grinders Switch Winery down in Tennessee make some amazing wines and you may seen us taste a couple of them earlier this year on our Friday Night Winedown over on Instagram and Facebook. This family owned 7 acre vineyard is located in central Tennessee near Centerville and they also feature a tasing room in Nashville's historic Marathon Village. A two bottle selection like the one featured in the photo above makes a great holiday gift for the wine lovers in your life. Grinders Switch currently is able to ship to 39 states.

Bobs Mug Coffee

If you have friends that love really good coffee, then you have to order them some Bobs Mug Coffee. Any coffee connoisseur will absolutely love the gift of fresh roasted coffee and Bobs Coffee typically arrives about 3 days after roasting giving you the freshest coffee experience. With unique blends like Glamper Expresso, Bigfoot Bali Bold Organic and Bourbon Barrel Coffee, you will want to stock up. But in addition to amazing coffee, Bobs Mug donates at least 5% of their quarterly profits to Make-a-Wish Mid South! Another small business that is giving back as part of their mission.

Martin McKinstry Designs

Martin McKinstry Designs features unique shirts and face masks. Our friend Marty, a fellow RV enthusiast, has put together some amazing artisan designed limited edition clothing including the very popular teardrop trailer shirt that you have seen Patty wearing on our channel all summer long. It is well made, breathable and most important, comfortable. We also have face masks from Martin McKinstry Designs and absolutely love them as they feature a pocket with a removable washable filter. Check the website for current styles, availability and pricing.

Hopefully you will find some great gifts for either yourself or others in our list above. We love all of these great small businesses and hope you will consider helping to support them this holiday season and beyond.

And for full disclosure, we have received no compensation from any of the above to write this post nor do we receive any compensation from your orders. These are just products, businesses and people that we truly love and wanted to share them with you. Happy Holidays from the Travels with Delaney Family!

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