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Replace Your Awful RV Mattress Today!

Why is it that most RV's today come with a mattress that is less comfortable than if you were sleeping on the ground? Even when we have purchased an RV with a "name brand" mattress in it, we have found that they are not of the same comfort level as what you would buy for your home. Getting a good night sleep is an important part of a great RV experience.

As more Americans than ever hit the road this summer in their RV's, they don't have to wake up with sore hips and backs. In order to maximize their summer vacation fun, the solution is really simple: Replace that AWFUL RV mattress with a new one that will give you a quality night of sleep.

Patty and I switched out the mattress in our 2020 Lance 1985 last year and it has been the best decision we have made with our RV. We were both waking up with backaches and sore hips as well as being tired from long restless nights. In January of 2021 we had enough and we ordered a Luxury Gel Foam mattress from Mattress Insider and ever since, we have been happy campers.

Mattress Insider is an American Owned business based in Littleton, Colorado with their mattresses produced in North Carolina. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with ZERO complaints and they even specialize in mattresses for RVers like us!

As many of you know, the RV industry at times uses some strange shapes and sizes of mattresses making if more difficult for someone who wants to upgrade their RV mattress. No worries however as Mattress Insider can make a mattress to fit whatever shape or size you need. Our mattress has to fold in half so that we can use the convertible sofa under it. Mattress Insider was able to make us the exact mattress that we needed so we could still fully utilize the convertible sofa while giving us an amazing night of sleep.

We were so happy with our Mattress Insider Luxury Gel Foam mattress in our RV after just a few months that we ended up ordering the same exact mattress for our house. Now we sleep on a Mattress Insider mattress EVERY NIGHT OF THE YEAR and we could not be happier!

We highly recommend that if you are considering purchasing a new mattress for

your RV or home that you reach out directly to Mattress Insider. Their customer service team provides the highest levels of service and they will help to pair you with the perfect mattress to give you the best night of sleep you can have. In fact, they are so confident in their mattresses that they give you a 121 night sleep guarantee and they warranty their mattresses for up to 20 years depending on which mattress you choose. If you do call them at 888-488-1468, make sure you mention Travels with Delaney so that you receive a discount on your order. Or if you prefer, you can use our affiliate link and place your order online:

Also make sure you check out their Hypervent AireFlow Moisture Barrier to put under your RV mattress so that you don't end up with mold and mildew from condensation in your RV. And if you can't find sheets to fit your unique size or shape of mattress, Mattress Insider can custom make sheets for you and your bed.

Check out this video from our mattress upgrade last year in our Lance 1985 travel trailer:

As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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