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GasStop Provides 100% Shutoff and More

Recently we released a video on the GasStop Shutoff Valve over on our YouTube Channel. You can find a link to the video at the end of this article. The GasStop Valve is an easy to use device that has been highly engineered by the great people at GasStop to provide you safety and peace of mind when dealing with propane. The odds that you would ever have a sudden major gas leak is probably pretty small but it only would take one time for a disaster to occur. That is where GasStop comes in!

The GasStop Valve just attaches to your propane tank and then you attach the propane line to the GasStop. Push down on the dial a few times to prime the valve and you are all set. If the valve senses a large surge in propane flow, it will immediately cut off 100% flow to the line preventing a possible disaster.

What we love about the GasStop besides the peace of mind it gives us on our propane tanks is that it also has two additional features. First, you can use the valve to check for minor leaks that the valve could not detect on it's own. The valve can not distinguish between normal usage and a small leak. BUT.....YOU can use the valve to run a test to see if you have a possible small leak. Simply make sure your propane is flowing to the system you are checking. In an RV, the simplest way is to light the stove and make sure it works. Once you have verified you have propane flow, shut off the device you used to test the flow. Next, go out to your tank and shut off the propane tank and wait awhile and see if the needle on the GasStop gauge moves. If the needle goes down, it may indicate you have small leak in your system at which time you would want to start diagnosing where the leak is so that you can fix it. If the needle doesn't move, then you are good to go!

The final feature of this amazing product is that it includes a fuel level indictor. By reading the needle on the dial, you will be able to tell how full or empty your tanks are at any given time. We love it because I can quickly glance at my GasStop valves and know whether or not I should go get the tanks filled before we head off to go camping.

Now you may think the GasStop Shutoff Valve is only for RV's but think again! How great would it be to have one on your gas grill's tank at home? Again, it would provide all three great features for your grill tank. We have lots of wildlife here at Tall Pine Lodge so the possibility of a wild animal breaking our gas grill propane line is not out of the question. And again, the ability to test for small leaks and being able to see how much propane is in the tank are all great reasons to add one to the barbecue.

Want to check out this great product or order one for yourself? Click the link here:

Use code TWD10 at check out to save 10% and get FREE Shipping! And when you use our code, we will receive a small commission that helps support our YouTube Channel and this page.

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2021

Hi! It seems your are referring to having the propane on when towing, true? This is a hotly debated topic for sure. We err on the side of caution and do not leave them on.

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