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Packing for weekend camping

Packing for any type of trip can be a daunting and overwhelming task. If you are like me I am always trying to make sure that I do not forget anything. Over the last few month I have perfected a way to pack our clothes, medicine and our fur babies items that makes me think "Why didn't I think of this before?"

For packing our clothes for a weekend trip, I decided to put our weekend clothes in a duffel bag. For is easy for me to toss into the camper on cold winter Thursday evenings or Friday mornings. I don't have to make many trips out into the cold weather to load our clothes into our camper "Tex". Secondly, for weekend trips we become "minimalist" and take only the needed items since we are only out camping for two nights and two days. Lastly, it is then super easy for me to load up dirty clothes, towels, etc to bring back into the cabin when we return home from our camping adventure.

Medicine...that can be tricky because in my mind I would rather not take the medicine bottles/containers for everything. Patrick and I are bargain shoppers so some of my vitamins and supplements that we take on a daily basis are in rather large bottles. So, while camping in our tiny TAB 400 camper that we referred to as "Carl", Patrick and I came up with a system in which we went to our local Menard's store and purchased a "nuts and bolt" storage bin.

Within this bin, we have placed our vitamins, supplements, etc that we use. So, that we keep or items straight we used a label maker to make "name labels" for each item that we carry in this tote.

This is great because all of our medicines are in one spot and with them being in this storage tote it has a locking lid that keeps all of the different things in their place and the tote has a small ring on the side that is good for picking it up and carrying it in and out of the cabin and "Tex".

Our Cavalier King Charles pups Truman and Bess need their gear too for our weekend get-a-ways. What has worked great for them is a backpack. We use one of our backpacks that we bought from a Eddie Bauer outlet store years ago when we first adopted Truman. This backpack is great because the items we need for pups can be stored in the backpack and the backpack can be used in the truck during our travel time and taken into our camper when we arrive at our campsite.

In it we carry a gallon bag of dog food, for a weekend trip it is usually filled about half to two-thirds full. We also carry a bag of Fromm dog treats, a full water bottle, the pups "travel" water bottle, shampoo, ear cleaner with a small snack bag of cotton balls and Truman and Bess's brush and comb. This backpack is an easy way for me to make sure that I have all of the items our fur babies might need when we are camping.

Ever since Patrick and I have started camping in our many different trailers this process is ever evolving. We are always trying new things and new ways to make our camping experience less stressful and thus as a result more enjoyable. I love finding new ways to organize and to make life a little bit easier especially our times spent camping.

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1 Comment

Jim Kuzman
Jim Kuzman
Mar 03, 2021

What a nice post, Patty! We are primarily long weekend campers and have developed our own system for packing that's not too different from yours. After hauling everything we needed in and out of the camper before and after every trip, we committed to having a "camper" version of almost everything: Silverware, mugs, glasses, plates, utensils, pots and pans, toaster, coffee maker, towels, USB and Lightning charging cables, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, garbage bags, saline solution, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. The only personal items left are prescription meds (which I pack in one of those "day of the week" things) and my glasses. This isn't the least expensive approach but we added stuff over the course of…

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