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Are you picky about what your pets eat daily?

“I can’t control everything in my dog’s life, but I can control what I put into his or her body.” This quote by Primal Pooch is how Patrick and I have always felt about the food and snacks our fur babies Truman and Bess eat. I guess you could say that we are "picky" about what type of food and snacks our pups consume. Don't be fooled by their cute "Little Begger" faces, we do not give them any type of "people foods" from the dinner table. In our experiences with all of our pups throughout the years, "people food" causes our pups to have upset tummies, poorly-looking fur and dirty, possibly cavity filled teeth.

Ever since we lost our first pup Maddie to kidney failure, we have been picky about what type of food and snacks our pups consume. Since around the death of our Maddie, other pets in our area and on the news, were losing their lives to food/snacks that were not made in the United States. Our fur baby Maddie unfortunately passed away from kidney failure. From that day forward we put more effort into researching the pet food and snack brands available to pet owners. In the days prior to adopting our pup, Truman, Patrick was on a mission to find a high quality pet food for him. After some time, he showed me the website for Fromm Family Foods and what has stuck with me for the last two and half years is that this pet food company has a video on their webpage that shows how this company will receive truck loads of fresh meats, vegetables, grains and fruits that they use to create their animal foods and snacks that Truman and Bess love. They give it "4" paws up!

Fromm Family Foods is a pet food company that has been producing healthy and nutritional food for animals in Wisconsin since 1904. What Patrick and I like about this pet food company is that not only does Fromm provide high quality pet food for our fur babies, they also focus on making sure that the food adheres to high standards. You can see what Truman and Bess rave about at this company's

Upon Truman and Bess’s arrival to our cabin, we have provided them with Fromm dog food, they especially enjoy Fromm's Four-Star Nutritionals Chicken a La Veg. For their puppy snacks they enjoy Fromm's Crunchy O’s which come in many flavors such as Blue Berry Blast, Smokin’ Cheese Plosions and Pumpkin Kran Pow to name a few. Also from Fromm's our pups enjoy their Oven Baked snack flavors Chicken with Carrots and Peas, Parmesan Cheese and Lamb with Cranberry recipe. Fromm also provides canned foods and other types of nutritious snack. Patrick and I have chosen to not give our pups wet or canned dog food from Fromm because we have a feeling that once we give them canned food, that they will be unwilling to eat the dry food and snacks that they now enjoy. Also, we like to use dry food and snacks because it helps keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh.

As you can see what our pups eat on a daily basis is very important to us because we want to do everything we can do to keep them happy and healthy. We want our pups to be a member of our family for as long as we can and we feel by providing them with healthy snacks and food that we are doing our part. Fromm’s dog food and snacks is our way of making sure our fur babies have a healthy diet.

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