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Travelers Share Years of Adventures

If you watch our YouTube videos, you most likely have heard us talk about our friends Steve and Karen from North Carolina. They are currently on their 2nd time around visiting the lower 48 states in their NuCamp T@B 400. In fact, if you own a T@B 400, you can thank Steve and Karen for many of the things we take for granted on our 400. They were asked by Nucamp to take the prototype out for a couple of weeks to put it to the test. Two weeks and 13 pages of notes later, they returned the prototype back the the factory and the research and development team went to work making several changes before it went into production.

For several years now, Steve and Karen have been documenting their travels in an online blog. Initially it was for their family and close friends to keep up with their travels. Just recently thought, they decided to start sharing this treasure trove of travel information with the general public. We are fortunate to now be able to bring it to you. I have created a link on our "Friends of TWD" section of our homepage so you can always find Steve & Karen's Blog. You can always book mark it on your homepage using the following address: .

They have spent countless hours categorizing all of their posts to make searching for specific posts easier for all of us. If you click on "Our Travels," you will find a map to search by state, or scroll down and you can search by historical site and even further down is by adventure. Thanks to all of their hard work, it is now easy to find exactly what you are looking for. And yes, you may just find a post or two that references yours truly.

Make sure you check out this amazing wealth of travel information and insights and follow along with Steve and Karen as they continue their amazing journey.

We enjoy dinner with our friends Steve and Karen while camping together in Myrtle Beach in April 2019

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