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Summer of Someday Has Arrived!

It's hard to believe that our Summer of Someday Tour is actually here. We have been planning it for months and now we are actually in the midst of it. It's been a busy first couple of weeks and we have met so many old and new friends along the way. It all started in Iowa where over 20 campers came together for an exciting 3 days just outside of Des Moines. Our stop included trips to the Snus Hill Winery, the High Trestle Trail Bridge, and the downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. We shared lots of stories and laughter at the Prairie Flower Campground which we would highly recommend to anyone coming through that area. A special thank you to Ann Novey who helped me coordinate our Iowa Campout!

After we left Iowa, we headed to the Grand Tetons where we got to hang out for a few days with fellow YouTubers, Russ and Kerry, from The Roads We Roam channel. It was there that we realized that some of the best campsites are the free ones. From our free site along a stream at the Landers City Park to the free camping at the Lower Teton View national forest land that provide some amazing views all day long of the Tetons in the near distance. We also were able to collaborate with Russ and Kerry on our big trip to Alaska in 2021 which will be about so much more than just a trip for all of us. We will be using our trip for a much greater and more meaningful purpose. More details on that will be coming in the future.

We left Russ and Kerry and headed toward Oregon which provided us a few surprises. The first was our route that took us right through Craters of the Moon National Monument. We had no idea we would be going through that area but we are so glad that we did. It was also on this stretch that we realized that sometimes you have to be flexible in your plans. We had planned to stop at two different Harvest Hosts on this stretch however neither worked out. The first one never answered their telephone but luckily we found a state park in the area that had a site available for one night. The next night's Harvest Host was unable to host us do to a family event they were hosting but we were able to find a very suitable replacement for the night, Arcane Cellars. Nothing like camping in a vineyard with wonderful wines!

Finally we arrived at Champoeg State Park for our Oregon Campout! It was a smaller group than in Iowa but we could not have asked for a better group! What an amazing group of friends our YouTube life has given us. We visited Bauman Farms and Laurel Ridge Winery. Both are well worth visiting if you are in the area. And Champoeg State Park is absolutely wonderful. We also welcomed some very special guests on Tuesday night of the Campout. John, Kristen, Aaron, Ethan and Chloe from YouTube's No Ordinary Path joined us.

Now we are setting in Tillamook, Oregon where we got to meet up with our friends from the great Seattle area, Jeff and Shelly, for the 4th of July. After we leave here, we have no real plans other than to go where ever the winds take us. Most likely we will head south towards Northern California wine country but then you never know with us. We really want to also head back north to visit Mt. St. Helens as well.

The Campouts and meeting with friends have definitely been the highlight of this Summer of Someday Tour. The hardest part has been saying good bye to our friends along the way. But it never really is goodbye for's always until we see you......on down the road!

Patty enjoys a glass of wine while listening to the stream beside our NuCamp T@B 400 in Landers, Wyoming.

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Sep 27, 2019

Grand canyon is a great spot to have fun which I have explored while mine and would like to recommend all go around this. I would like to say that enjoying the time with mates in summer offer me to have a joyous time.


Jul 06, 2019

You really must go to mount st helen.....we lived in Portland for a number of years & it always was a wow experience for our out of town guests!..enjoy the travels!

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