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Our #1 Trip Planning App

We are asked often to do a video on how we plan our trips and what apps we use when making plans. We actually did do a video on that very subject our first year of YouTubbing but we really do need to do an updated video on it. I thought I would share with all of you what our main trip planning app is when we are looking to travel in our nüCamp T@B 400. Although we have several apps on our iPhones that could be used to help with everything from navigation to identifying pet friendly restaurants, we find that there is one app in particular that we use the most of any other app. AllStays is our go to app when we are trying to find a place to camp. Whether we are looking for a place to park overnight such as Cracker Barrel or whether we want to stay in a campground, the AllStays app provides us the information that we need.

Some of the features of AllStays that we think make it a great app include:

1. Easy to search a location on the map using just your fingers to zoom in and out

2. Simplified icons for easy identification of different facilities.

3. A wide variety of RV services are included in the app (campgrounds, propane refills, dump stations, truck stops, etc)

4. Detailed information is given for each facility including detailed directions, physical address, phone number along with links to photos, reviews, mapping services and even area weather!

5. In App functionality is the added bonus. Not only does it give you the phone number but it will dial it directly from the app! Or if you want to map directions, it gives you options to use either Apple Maps or Google Maps.

The AllStays App is not a free app however we believe it is worth every penny. At the time of this blog, the price in the Apple App Store with $10. Use it just once to find a free place to overnight park or camp and you will easily recoup your money!

Below are some of the steps on how we use it:

1. Once we have identified how far we want to drive in a given day, we then search that area on AllStays to see what our options available are.

2. If we are just wanting to park and sleep, we look to see if there is a Walmart, Cracker Barrel or other known business that allows overnight parking. Once you learn the icons for the various businesses, it is easy to spot what you are looking for. For instance, a blue dot with a red "W" is a Walmart. A yellow dot with a black "CB" is a Cracker Barrel.

3. Once we have located what we are looking for, we click on that icon to see the details and reviews. We love the fact that you can do all kinds of tasks within the app such as map directions to your chosen location, call the site or even visit their website.

4. The reviews are particularly helpful in knowing if it is a good place to either overnight park or camp. Even if the most recent reviews say overnight parking was allowed, we still will call to verify.

The AllStays App on iOS devices is our go to for trip planning

There are other apps that we have on our iPhones, but we just find that the AllStays app does just about everything we want it to. One feature we do like on the Compendium app is the fact that it identifies cell phone signal strength for the major carriers. This can be particularly helpful if we know we are going to need a cell signal.

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